Thiago Rela - Head Instructor

Thiago started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 15 years ago. He received his black belt from Team Checkmat at 23. Renzo Gracie awarded Thiago his first degree on his black belt in 2017. 

A two time state BJJ champion in Brazil as well as a national gi and no gi BJJ champion. He was a member of the BJJ national championship team, and has won multiple gold medals in local BJJ and submission grappling tournaments.

As a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently representing Team Renzo Gracie, Thiago has won the middleweight title of the Circuito Talent MMA—the largest MMA organization in Brazil. He has appeared on UFC's Ultimate Fighter Brazil and for organizations such as Xtreme Fighting Championships, Final Fight Championship and Cage Fury Fighting Championships. 

BJJ/Kids Instructor - Alex Chval

Alex Chval began his Jiu Jitsu journey in 2007 under Romulo Bittencourt at Renzo Gracie Newark but has been a martial artist for much longer. 

He has several years of amateur boxing and traditional martial arts experience.

Alex is a NSCA certified personal trainer as well as a Sayoc Kali Instructor, who dedicates majority of his time to increasing the skills of the students and improving himself.

You can find him teaching 10AM classes, as well as helping with the Kids BJJ program at TRA.

Morning BJJ Coach

Thiago Perreira

When Thiago is not teaching at Gregor Gracie's

Jiu Jitsu Academy in New York, or coaching our

students in tournaments, you can find him teaching

our 7AM classes.

Muay Thai Instructor - Gerald "Gee" Javier

Gee began training in Muay Thai in 2002 but has been a Martial Artist since his early childhood. After only a few years he began competing in Muay Thai fights, as well as Boxing matches and later amateur MMA fights as well.


He is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having won numerous submission grappling tournaments.


Gee is known for his speed, power, and accuracy, and has served as a mentor for students for more than 7 years.

Muay Thai Instructor - Elmer Recinos

Elmer Recinos has been training for over 6 years in Muay Thai. He began fighting amateur after only 2 years, and has 5 fights under his belt.

He is also a purple belt in BJJ having competed in numerous competitions, and is considering transitioning to MMA in the near future.

"They had confidence in me before I had confidence in myself. I look up to them for things both on and off the mat."


 - Marisa - TRA Blue Belt

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